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Multimedia in Education

Electronic revolution can not be denied, be one cause of changing styles and patterns of human life today. Computerization, which is a visual embodiment of the digital world operational experience so rapid development. The count was no longer in the number of years, months or days, but ‘second !!!’. The discovery of secret operations so as to create a number binner counting machines (calculator) is considered as the beginning of developing a computerized until today.

Many facets of modern human life is ‘deprived’, either in a state voluntarily submit it, or forced. In the business world for example, ‘barcode’ sequence is the magic line that can be scanned to identify a credit card, personal identification and transaction data.

Inside the house, with tiny computer called remote control, room temperature settings (AC), television set, and the like can be done without excessive movement. This list can be extended to other examples, such as in health, education up to world space. Learning-delivery technique underwent changes that eventually known as the identity of ‘technological learning’.

Eric Ashby said that in the history of human civilization, at least there have been four major revolutions in the field of learning technologies. The first revolution occurred when parents entrust the child to a teacher to get an education. This period is the forerunner of the start of a profession are called teachers. The teacher was a person who is deemed to have advantages. Students come to the teacher to learn. ….

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Istilah dan Definisi Multimedia

Istilah “multimedia” diciptakan oleh Bob Goldstein Juli 1966 untuk mempromosikan pembukaan “LightWorks di L’Oursin” pertunjukan di Southampton, Long Island. Pada tanggal 10 Agustus 1966.

Richard Albarino Varietas meminjam, terminologi untuk pelaporan “ songscribe-komik Bob (‘Washington Square’)

Dua tahun kemudian, pada tahun 1968, istilah”. Multimedia h kembali disesuaikan untuk menggambarkan karya seorang konsultan politik, David Sawyersatu produsen Goldstein di L’Oursin.

Definisi Multimedia  adalah “ Kombinasi antara teks, gambar,audio, video dan animasi yang disampaikan melalui media komputer , peralatan elektronik  atau digital“ sedangkan menurut beberapa ahli mengatakan :

Definisi Menurut Beberapa Ahli :

  1. Menurut Roseh, Multimedia merupakan kombinasi dari komputer dan video.
  2. Menurut Me Comich, Multimedia merupakan kombinasi dari 3 elemen, yaitu : suara, gambar, dan teks.
  3. Menurut Turbon, Multimedia merupakan kombinasi dari paling sedikit dua media input dan output.
  4. Menurut Rubin & Liada, Mutimedia merupakan alat yang dapat menciptakan presentaasi yang dinamis dan interaktif yang mengkombinasikan teks, audio, grafik, video, atau animasi.
  5. Menurut Hofteffer, Multimedia merupakan pemanfaatan komputer untuk menggabungkan teks, grafik, audio, dan video yang memungkinkan pemakai berinteraksi, berkreasi, dan berkomunikasi.